New Items in the Subway Art Shop

SubCulture 2: Etches and Scratches

The second zine by Subway Art Blog focusing on super-permanent etch and scratch tags in the subway.

NOXER: No Love

“No Love” is the first zine by notorious graffiti writer NOXER DOD. With over 20 years of writing behind him, NOXER’s debut zine is packed with 20 pages of illustrations. Each copy comes with a bunch of inserts like: a photo print of a NOXER truck, a Noxington dollar bill, and assorted stickers.

DRAG sticker pack

A surprise pack of handmade stickers by DRAG O2D and friends.

Introducing Graff Cal NYC

Writing this blog has turned me into an avid follower of graffiti and street art culture here in NYC. I enjoy checking out new work and meeting artists, so I try and make it to as many exhibitions and other events as I can. It’s not as easy as it sounds, though. As hard as I try to find out about them, I find myself missing things only because I never heard about them. There is no unified source of info about street art and graffiti events on the web. This is why I decided to create Graff Cal.

Graff Cal is a super simple website with a calendar of graffiti and street art-related event listings. It’s mission is to compile all of these into one place and we’ve teamed up with Fresh Paint NYC to make it happen.

The site is still a work in progress, so look for big updates soon. See you at an opening!

Subway Gift Ideas – Underground Signs

Looking for a gift for the train buff in your life? Look no further. Underground Signs is a company that makes customized NYC subway signs. Not only can they recreate actual signs from the MTA’s 468 stations, they can also make completely personalized ones, like the Konami code above (video game nerds will get this one). The signs are officially licensed by the MTA. They also just obtained the rights to recreate signs from Boston’s MBTA. Traitors.  Check them out at!

Take a Ride on the Hogwarts Express

The NY Daily News reports of an interesting little sign alteration at Union Square. It seems that Harry Potter fans have added a new train line—the 9 3/4 train. This number is a reference to the platform in the Potter books where one can catch the train to the Hogwarts School Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The sticker is placed in the spot once held by the defunct W train. The MTA says they had nothing to do with it, but it would surprise me one bit if one day they stooped to the level of selling ad space on their signage.

Personalized Subway Maps

As part of its special Subway Issue, The New York Times invited artists and readers to design their own personalized version of New York’s subway map. Several designs were published including a couple by well known graffiti legends—one by Lady Pink (top) and another by Stay High 149 (below). As it were, The Times also featured this blog in the same spread. What would your subway map look like?

Why Are You on My Train?

What could possibly drive two aspiring actresses to start interviewing strangers in the subway? Sheer curiosity.

Why Are You on My Train? is a video blog by Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula. Both of them moved to New York to pursue their acting careers after graduating from Yale’s theater department, but found themselves doing something they never expected. “Our blog was partly born out of riding the subway to and from auditions and a) wondering who the people were around us and b) wanting to engage,” explained Jen.

So far, the duo have met some extremely interesting people including: a group of hockey players from Canada, a photojournalist that travels with a military unit in Iraq and a writer/lawyer who was on his way to pick up lingerie for a documentary he was working on. The idea is to post one new video interview every week. Go check them out now!

The New MTA

The rabble rousers over at made news recently as they posted some of their new and improved GREED subway service change signs at West 4th and 34th Streets. New MTA is a bogus MTA website—nearly identical to the original—that features some subway news satire.  For example, one headline reads: “MTA Suspends Student MetroCards, Tells Children To Get Fit By Walking.”

With the looming service cuts and fare increases, we’re glad to see New MTA is back in action. We are also glad to see they improved their grammar since the last time we’ve heard from them.

In Memoriam

The W train appeared on the Oscars’ “In Memoriam” segment last night. One big name that didn’t appear was the M train. Fans of the M line are up in arms about this blatant omission. A candlelight vigil is planned for next Thursday.

Via @FakeMTA

Poster Boy Returns for a Cause

Poster Boy, "Unfare"

In his first new advertising mashup flickr post since April 2009, Poster Boy targets the subway fare. The work is probably not current considering there are no Harry Potter ads in circulation right now, but is an older work posted for the first time to draw attention to a petition to save student MetroCards which he linked to in the image’s caption. We encourage you to sign it and help this cause!

In other Poster Boy-related news, it seems his upcoming book, The War of Art, will be released later than originally expected. The publisher’s website sets the release as May 2010, although still has the date as March 23rd. The book is expected to include many of his works which were completed after he stopped posting on flickr.

Now Showing in a Crapper Near You

Shitter Island – Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCrapio team up as a pair of U.S. Marshals who travel to a secluded island off the coast of Massachusetts to search for the perfect place to drop a deuce, uncovering a web of deception along the way as they battle the calls of nature and a prison riot in this Martin Scorsese-helmed poo picture.

From the Church Avenue-bound platform at Metropolitan Avenue. Photo by Miss Heather of NewYorkShitty.

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