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Sign James Murphy’s Petition to Make the Subway More Musical

If you are like me, your typical weekday begins with various rituals to gradually bring yourself into consciousness. I leave my apartment feeling relaxed and optimistic until the moment I swipe my MetroCard and that loud, awful, screeching beep reminds me that my relaxation time is over.

James Murphy, a New York-based musician (of LCD Soundsystem fame) is looking to change this. His idea is to replace the beep with pleasant bell tones that will harmonize when played together. During peak times where we now have screeching chaos, we would have music.

Murphy believes the time is right for action, since the MTA announced its intentions to change the MetroCard swipers over to a tap and ride system. You can join his cause by signing his petition to the MTA.

Subway Art Twofer

Here I am in Union Square station. I follow my ears to the bluegrass music I hear on the yellow line platform. As I get closer I realize it is my friend Maggie along with the guitarist from her band Spirit Family Reunion. I say hello and start filming, figuring this would be the perfect opportunity to give them some publicity and get some awesome bluegrass up on the blog. After I finish filming the first song, I realize a man had walked up behind me and was sketching the musical duo. I ask him if I could film him as he draws and he says yes. And so here is my video of caricature artist Kenly Dillard sketching Spirit Family Reunion as they jam out in the subway. Enjoy!

No Pants 2k11

NYC got a much needed pick-me-up yesterday with the 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride, organized by our friends at Improv Everywhere. Several groups of pantless pranksters rode various subway lines and converged at Union Square Park.

The Pro-Pants Alliance was back once again to administer free pants tests, distribute pamphlets and even give out pairs of pants in hopes of converting the pantless to the warm side.

There was a blast of energy running through the city last night. A bit of goofy fun is just what we needed after going stir crazy these past few weeks with the snow and cold weather.

The Xylopholks jammed out underground amidst the chaos.

Subway Music: iPhone Style

A band called Atomic Tom performing their song called “Take Me Out” live in the subway… with iPhones! I think Apple should make this their next TV commercial.

via NY Times Bits

Meyhem Lauren – ‘Got The Fever’

Graffiti and Hip Hop are supposed to go hand in hand, but it’s actually quite rare to see a direct relation between these two cultures; the music video above by Meyhem Lauren is atypical in this respect. The song’s lyrics and the stunning visuals give a wonderful insight into the world of graffiti writing. Watch it now!

Subway Harpist

What’s next, a thirteen piece subway didgeridoo ensemble?

Photo by Phill Romano

Sights of Sound – The Photography of Kate Lord


When visual journalist, Kate Lord moved to New York in February, she was immediately intrigued by the musicians of the city’s transit system. “People just don’t burst into song in a crowded place in Charlotte, North Carolina,” she said of her hometown. Featured in this post are several photos from her ongoing project on subway musicians. The image above is of Marques Toliver, one of Kate’s favorite underground musicians. Press play below to listen to one of his songs, Sights and Sounds of the City as you enjoy the sight of Kate’s amazing photographs.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Sights and Sounds of the City by Marques Toliver

[Kate Lord’s Photo Blog]

[Marques Toliver’s My Space]

Subway Show #5

There’s another Subway Show coming up with an interesting new twist. This time around attendees will meet on the 7 train at Times Square and sing along to train-themed covers like Ozzy Osbourne’s Crazy Train and Soul Asylum’s Runaway Train during the ride. Once the train arrives at Flushing Meadows Park, there will be a mass migration to the World’s Fair globe for a show with the Eskalators and friends.

[Subway Show #5 – Sat, June 27, 5pm]

Dan Deacon Under the M Train

I always find myself watching videos on YouTube of various DIY subway events in envy of the attendees.  This time, though, I was able to make it to a pretty cool subway show.  The same night as the Crash/Daze gallery opening, a bit deeper east into Brooklyn, Dan Deacon and friends put on a very energetic electro show under the M train at Myrtle Avenue.  Check out the video they put together above.

Subway Show #4 Video

Photos from Subway Show 4

It looks like the subway show was a blast!  We couldn’t make it this time, but we eagerly await more events like this.  Check out the link below for more photos.

[Subway Show 4 – Hellanina’s Flickr]

Live Music on 1 Train Tonight

Here is your chance to be part of one of those cool subway events that appear on YouTube from time to time. SleepWhenDead NYC is throwing their 4th Subway Show, a musical event that takes place on a subway car!

Three groups are set to perform on the 1 train from South Ferry Station.  People are meeting up at the end of the platform at 5PM sharp.  The lineup includes The Eskalators, Graffiti Monsters and The Mighty Handful. Check out this link for all the details.

[SleepWhenDead NYC – Subway Show]