The New York subway is truly unique. In its 100+ years of existence, it has become so much more than just a mode of transportation. It is an experience: a canvas for artists, a venue for musicians and a sort of dendrochronological record of the city’s collective subconscious.

The original vision for Subway Art Blog came to me after I had collected several photos of fun sign manipulations and graffiti. I searched for a blog to submit them to, but found noneā€”so I decided to make one myself.

Since creating this site, I have become more and more aware of the many subtle alterations people make to the subway. I have also discovered the abundance of art the subway system has inspired. Countless artists, including Reginald Marsh and Mark Rothko, have depicted life in the underground. Other artists, such as graffiti legends Keith Haring and Eric Haze, have chosen to use the subway system as their canvas. Whether a famous artist, common vandal or simply a commuter en route to work, every rider leaves his or her mark on the subway in one way or another. The intention of this blog is to document these markings as well as the art inspired by, made in or performed in the subway.

-Jowy Romano, Editor


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