Poster Boy Returns for a Cause

Poster Boy, "Unfare"

In his first new advertising mashup flickr post since April 2009, Poster Boy targets the subway fare. The work is probably not current considering there are no Harry Potter ads in circulation right now, but is an older work posted for the first time to draw attention to a petition to save student MetroCards which he linked to in the image’s caption. We encourage you to sign it and help this cause!

In other Poster Boy-related news, it seems his upcoming book, The War of Art, will be released later than originally expected. The publisher’s website sets the release as May 2010, although still has the date as March 23rd. The book is expected to include many of his works which were completed after he stopped posting on flickr.

2 thoughts on “Poster Boy Returns for a Cause”

  1. People are so ignorant blaming the MTA for cutting the metro cards.
    -for one, there is nowhere in their charter that says they need act as a school bus company.
    -for two, they are not a charity. The MTA is required by law to have a balanced budget. Unless the state or city either gives them more money, or authorizes more funding sources (e.g. bridge tolls), they must cut costs or raise fares.

    1. Although this petition is targeting the MTA, they aren’t simply blaming the MTA. They are advocating for students. The authors of the petition are putting pressure on the city and the state as well as the MTA.

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