Orchestra of Subway Buskers Conducted Remotely Over WiFi

Several subway musicians were recruited by filmmaker Chris Shimojima to perform a composition by Ljova. But here’s the catch—all of the musicans were all in different subway stations. The group was conducted by Ljova himself over in-station WiFi connections, on laptops and phones.

If you frequest the subway, chances are you recognize some of the iconic musicians. Check out this amazing video now!

You can also check out a studio recording of the composition here!

Bending Sounds by Tim Sessler

This beautiful, eerie video is making its way around the NYC blogosphere today. Freelance filmmaker Tim Sessler sways and swerves his camera through the subway, floating the viewer through space like a ghost. The ambient sounds of the subway are familiar, yet dream-like, magnifying the haunting quality of this video. Also, since when is the subway lit so beautifully? Bravo Mr. Sessler, you are a magician!

Gothamist – A Beautifully Creepy Video Of The NYC Subway System

Miami Art Basel 2011 – Leandro Erlich, “Global Express”

I found this awesome video piece by Leandro Erlich on the showroom floor at Art Basel. The video is a loop of views outside subway car windows from all over the world. Each clip is stitched together to look like one seamless trip. Even cooler is that the LCD TV is made to look like the window of a subway car, completing the experience.

Check out Leandro’s official site.

Subway Art Twofer

Here I am in Union Square station. I follow my ears to the bluegrass music I hear on the yellow line platform. As I get closer I realize it is my friend Maggie along with the guitarist from her band Spirit Family Reunion. I say hello and start filming, figuring this would be the perfect opportunity to give them some publicity and get some awesome bluegrass up on the blog. After I finish filming the first song, I realize a man had walked up behind me and was sketching the musical duo. I ask him if I could film him as he draws and he says yes. And so here is my video of caricature artist Kenly Dillard sketching Spirit Family Reunion as they jam out in the subway. Enjoy!

The End is Near… the J Train

It is hard to tell what is performance art and what is not in Bushwick nowadays. Filmmaker/performer Matthew Silver further blurs this line with his performances under the J train. In the video above, called “Heartpocalypse,” Silver suits up as his sign-wielding, street corner lunatic alter-ego and preaches messages of doom and love to the (surprisingly calm) people of Broadway. It is a trip to see him and his Aztec deities causing a ruckus in various familiar spots under the J (especially if you live in that area, like myself).

You can find more videos and some still photos of Silver’s performances on his blog, maninwhitedress.com.

Undercity by Andrew Wonder

UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

If you daydream about wandering through tunnels, sewers, subway stations, or other structures forgotten by time, this video is for you. Urban explorer Steve Duncan leads us (and filmmaker Andrew Wonder) on a tour of New York City’s subconscious. The old City Hall station, the Canal Street sewer and the top of the Williamsburgh Bridge are just a few of the locations explored in the film. Strap on your headlamps and get out your crowbars—you are in for the adventure of a lifetime.

No Pants 2k11

NYC got a much needed pick-me-up yesterday with the 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride, organized by our friends at Improv Everywhere. Several groups of pantless pranksters rode various subway lines and converged at Union Square Park.

The Pro-Pants Alliance was back once again to administer free pants tests, distribute pamphlets and even give out pairs of pants in hopes of converting the pantless to the warm side.

There was a blast of energy running through the city last night. A bit of goofy fun is just what we needed after going stir crazy these past few weeks with the snow and cold weather.

The Xylopholks jammed out underground amidst the chaos.