Jay Shells Strikes Back

Subway artist Jay Shells, well known for his etiquette campaign, is back with a brand new signage project. This time around he is tackling a much more sensitive topic: the NYPD. Jay shells out a steaming hot tray of irony, replacing images on Transit Police recruitment ads with terribly embarrassing photos of officers caught by cell phones, etc. The image above, for example, came from a video that made rounds recently of an officer body slamming a teen who had allegedly not paid his fare.

Check out the gallery below for more and let us know if you spot any underground!

Free Subway Rides Courtesy of OWS

Photo courtesy NY Daily News

No free rides? Occupy Wall Street disagrees. Members of the movement claimed responsibility for chaining open the emergency exits at 20 subway stations this morning.

Members also posted the service advisory posters pictured above; one  encouraging straphangers to walk in without swiping and one advertising the general strike planned for May 1st.

Check out OccupyWallSt.org for more on the fare strike!

NYC Gets Up

Is that a Long Island in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Something has changed indeed.

Emerging street artist Beast made a few not-so-subtle alterations to the map and posted them at subway entrances around the city last week. Props to him for taking the Manhattan as phallus motif a step further and for poking (no pun intended) fun at the MTA’s silly new ad campaign.


Another version of the faux-sign evokes recent events.

Tourists continued using the maps, unhindered by the text tilted 100 degrees.

Something’s different here. Ah yes! They changed the color of the water!

Tourist Information

When tourists come to the Big Apple, sometimes they are oblivious to our cultural habits. It may be socially acceptable to smile at strangers in places like Florida or California or Chicago or the rest of the country, but not here. Please allow us to read our copy of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest minus the creepout. If you plan on visiting New York, please be sensitive to our needs.

It looks like the individual responsible for this friendly reminder is the same one responsible for the Please do not feed rats after midnight sign from a couple weeks ago. Thanks again to Vince for the tip!

Photo via johnnieutah on flickr.

The New MTA

The rabble rousers over at NewMTA.info made news recently as they posted some of their new and improved GREED subway service change signs at West 4th and 34th Streets. New MTA is a bogus MTA website—nearly identical to the original—that features some subway news satire.  For example, one headline reads: “MTA Suspends Student MetroCards, Tells Children To Get Fit By Walking.”

With the looming service cuts and fare increases, we’re glad to see New MTA is back in action. We are also glad to see they improved their grammar since the last time we’ve heard from them.