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Reviewing Cannabis


A for effort, F for spelling.

Wolverine Style

Poster Boy - Wolverine Style

The latest gem by the man, Poster Boy.

Jilly Ballistic’s Latest

Jilly Ballistic’s latest subway art has been making its way all over the web. Her new advertising error messages interact with subway ads in a really clever way. Check out this lottery ad for example.

Keep an eye out for new ones popping up every day!

Jilly Ballistic on flickr

Poster Boy’s Latest

Poster Boy’s latest work on 23rd Street

Be He-Man

Thanks to Pat Molloy for the photo!

Introducing Subpixel

The folks over at F.A.T. have developed a new tool in the fight against irksome, uninteresting subway advertisements. Meet Sub Pixel, a custom slicing tool made from laser-cut acrylic, rubber bands and nine razor blades.

From fffff.at:

In two quick swipes, it transforms a small patch of subway advertisement from a “one-way, unending flow of shit” into an 8×8 grid of pixel stickers, ready for two-way interaction with the public.

Keep an eye out for ads with a single pixel removed to indicate that it’s been ‘prepared’ by a Sub Pixel!

F.A.T. or Free Art & Technology is a group “dedicated to enriching the public domain through the research and development of creative technologies”. Many of their posts include D.I.Y. instructions and Sub Pixel is no exception; you can download the files required for laser cutting your own right on the site.

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This ad alteration was caught by ANIMALNewYork yesterday. No word on wether the Poster Boy movement is behind it, but we have a hunch!

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Superman to the Rescue

These new alteration-friendly Mad Men ads have been making rounds on all the New York blogs. I flicked some new ones to add to the mix, including this subtle-but-awesome Superman version.

More after the jump! more »

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