Why Are You on My Train?

What could possibly drive two aspiring actresses to start interviewing strangers in the subway? Sheer curiosity.

Why Are You on My Train? is a video blog by Alli Goldberg and Jen Jamula. Both of them┬ámoved to New York to pursue their acting careers after graduating from Yale’s theater department, but found themselves doing something they never expected. “Our blog was partly born out of riding the subway to and from auditions and a) wondering who the people were around us and b) wanting to engage,” explained Jen.

So far, the duo have met some extremely interesting people including: a group of hockey players from Canada, a photojournalist that travels with a military unit in Iraq and a writer/lawyer who was on his way to pick up lingerie for a documentary he was working on. The idea is to post one new video interview every week. Go check them out now!

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