SubCulture 4: fArt Underground

issue4I always told myself if I made it to the fourth issue, I would change the color of the SubCulture logo to green to match the 4 train. With this change in color comes a change of pace from the first three issues. Whereas the first trilogy focused on straight up graffiti—stickers, scratches, etches and tags—“fArt Underground” takes SubCulture into an entirely new realm: toilet humor.

fArt Underground includes dozens of photos taken by me and contributors of Subway Art Blog from the past 7 years. It also features three awesome subway artists: Jilly Ballistic, Moustache Man and Poster Boy.

This issue is 48 pages, including full color cover and comes with one of three envelope designs by the featured artists.

Limited to a numbered edition of 150.

Coming soon the the Subway Art Shop and a zine fest near you!

SubCulture 4 debuted on Sunday, April 25th at the Brooklyn Zine Fest.




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