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Reviewing Cannabis


A for effort, F for spelling.

Jilly Ballistic on the Government Shutdown


photo by gilfnyc

Rome is Burning

gilfnyc on instagram.

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Nerdcore Subway Art

Eastern Parkway Goblins

Someone going by the name “Puck” has been posting these awesome Lord of The Rings-themed service advisories. Street art or guerrilla marketing for The Hobbit?

Bergen St Shelob

Thanks to Jason McDonald for the photos!

SAMO Lives!

SAMO Lives

Spotted this homage to Jean-Michel Basquiat at Broadway Junction on the L line.

Happy To See Me?

Someone was really excited that L train service was restored post-hurricane Sandy! Photo by @reidhcooper on Instagram.

Fun with Wet Paint Signs: Invitational Edition

PAINT HERE by @12ozProphet on Instagram

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PREMER Underground

Weekend Abstraction: Pink Splash

Found @ Broadway station on the G

Introducing: A City of Children

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Canned Response

Spotted this subtle alteration at Essex St.

Poster Boy’s Latest

Poster Boy’s latest work on 23rd Street