Only in New York

What do Times Square, the Empire State Building, Grand Central Station and a homeless man in an MTA shirt rolling around the floor of a subway car holding a chicken have in common? ONLY. IN. NEW. YORK.

From The Gothamist’s interview with Kylie of 2PxNaPpod who documented this unusual scene:

We boarded the 6 train at 33rd street around 7pm last night, and noticed a large scarcity of passengers in one section of the train. Upon looking down, it I saw first a live chicken, then noticed it was wrapped in the loving arms of an apparent homeless man wearing at MTA shirt.

He kept picking up the chicken, holding it over his head, kissing it, hugging it, and more inappropriate things that I will refrain from detailing. In the simple words of my fellow passenger, Charlotte, “That is straight-up chicken abuse.”

No one on the train was shy about photographing this man, as he was seemingly oblivious to his surroundings. It was truly an only-in-New-York event, a phrase that was uttered several times throughout the short ride.

In the words of evening news anchor Ernie Anastos: Keep fuckin’ that chicken.

Service Announcements by FakeMTA


Twitter account @FakeMTA gives us many things to be thankful for this year, like these tweets:

Steinbrenner family charged w/ inhumane treatment of 4, B and D trains.

New Brooklyn-bound L trains will replaced by overpriced “vintage” trains.

MTA to hold first annual Thanksgiving Rat Shoot: Nov. 25, all Lower East Side stations.

Go follow them now! Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks to Laura Senteno for the tip.

Graffiti Legend Eric Haze Relaunches Website

Haze Subway Graffiti 1

Illustrious graffiti artist and fellow New Yorker, Eric Haze has just released a new website featuring artwork spanning nearly 30 years of his career. The “Roots” section is of particular interest to us as it includes an entire subsection of his early subway graffiti works. It is truly a blast from the past seeing all of these old school trains, outfitted in intricate, large-scale graffiti.

Check out additional subway graffiti and troves more of Haze’s work at Interhaze. Continue reading “Graffiti Legend Eric Haze Relaunches Website”

Unlikely Subway Maps


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there were subway systems everywhere…even the ‘burbs? The designers over at Rob & Damia have an interesting project that gives a little peek into what these subway systems might be like. Transit Authority Figures is a collection of designs for faux subway systems on Fire Island, the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard and several more locations. The t-shirts and posters on the site make great gifts for people that live in these places, or you can just use them to mess with tourists. Make the jump to check out some more of their work. Thanks Rob! Continue reading “Unlikely Subway Maps”

Interactive Ridership Map 1905-2006

Have you ever wondered when a specific subway station or line was built or how the subway system evolved over time?  If so you must check out this interactive subway ridership map.  You can drag the slider along the timeline to see which stations are active and what their ridership was for any year from 1905-2006.  It is really fascinating to be able to watch the subway lines spring up right before your eyes.

[NYC Subway Ridership, 1905-2006]

Subway Art Gallery Opening

From the merry pranksters that brought you Frozen Grand Central comes the latest transportation themed improv comedy mission.  Fifty “agents” of Improv Everywhere schlepped it down to the blue line’s uptown platform at 23rd Street and set up an intricate subway art gallery.  The agents set up 30 placards next to various objects in the space such as pipes, electrical boxes, signs and advertisements.  They also went as far as to set up a coat check, bar and a cellist.  Click on the link below so you can wish you were there too.

[Subway Art Gallery Opening – Improv Everywhere]

Poster Boy Graces the Pages of New York

Poster Boy in New York Magazine

Infamous subway artist Poster Boy is featured in the current issue of New York Magazine.  The article follows the anonymous vandal as he tears down and remixes posters at the 23rd Street C/E station.

The defacing of posters doesn’t sound particularly lofty, but Poster Boy—who, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous (vandalism is, after all, a crime)—has intentions that are surprisingly high-minded. The die-hard Fight Club fan hopes to start a decentralized art movement, one where anyone can claim to be Poster Boy. “No copyright, no authorship,” he says. “A social thing, as opposed to being an artist making things for bored rich people to hang above their couch.” That such a crusade might encourage vandalism doesn’t bother him. “Where I’m from, if you go by the book, it’s a very slow process to get what you want,” he says.”

¡Viva Poster Boy! In the words of (then Supreme Chancellor) Palpatine, we will be watching his career with great interest. Check out the New York Magazine site for more:

[Poster Boy Turns Subway Ads Into Political Art – New York Magazine]