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Happy To See Me?

Someone was really excited that L train service was restored post-hurricane Sandy! Photo by @reidhcooper on Instagram.

Canned Response

Spotted this subtle alteration at Essex St.

Fun with Wet Paint Signs – Dry Rapper Edition

A mix of some of our favorite wet paint sign anagrams.

Photo by Brayden Olsen

Poster Boy’s Latest

PB takes a crack at Bedford Ave hipsters in his latest mashup. Pay Poster Boy a visit on flickr!

To the MTA

More fare hikes: coming to a transit system near you!


New York was Scary, I Tell You!

Saw this in the Delancey St. subway station.

Who else remembers when New York before it was Disneyfied and Giulianified?

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Look at Me!

It blends in just like the sticker we reported on a couple weeks ago! Unlike that one, though, the text of the sticker above begs for attention. “Look at me” it demands. Even if you do look at it, you might miss the really small web address on the bottom right corner. Lookatmenyc.com is the site, which includes a photo slideshow of “look at me” stickers placed around the city and a form to leave a comment. That’s it. Pretty cryptic.

Photo by Jen Taclas.

Urban Crop Circle

From Ursula Viglietta’s 365 photo challenge.