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Podcast – Jason Eppink Interview

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Jason Eppink is a seasoned subway art veteran with several projects under his belt including: the pixelator, the pro-pants movement, spoiler alert signs and also had work installed in the underbelly project.

Pixelator from Jason Eppink on Vimeo.

The Shadow Machine from Jason Eppink on Vimeo.

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Podcast – Jay Shells

We finally sit down with Jay Shells to discuss his “Subway Etiquette Poster” project. News about Jay’s work spread all over the world within days, quickly making him one of the most well known subway artists.

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Podcast – RAD Interview

The man we have been calling “Blockhead” has a name—it’s RAD. We sat down with him for an interview and grilled him about the lego heads he has been posting on ads in the subway.


For tons of photos of RAD’s work, check out his site: Raddington Falls.

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Podcast – Posterchild Interview

Jowy interviews street artist Posterchild about, among other projects, his New York Sunsets—a series of installations utilizing the video billboards on subway entrances.

Check out Posterchild’s site, Blade Diary to see the rest of his work.

Subversions – Tear


As we continue our Subversions interview, Jordana Zeldin discusses her choice for the cover image of her book.

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Podcast – Jordana Zeldin

Jowy interviews photographer Jordana Zeldin about Subversions, her 8-month-long project documenting subway advertisement alterations. Stay tuned to the Subway Art Blog for a series of mini interviews with Jordana about her work.

[Jordana Zeldin, photographer]