Capital One’s New Marketing Campaign

dick – Verb (third-person singular simple present dicks, present participle dicking, simple past and past participle dicked)

• To mistreat or take advantage of [somebody]. Dude, don’t let them dick you like that!

• To waste time, to goof off.  Quit dicking around and get to work!

Taken on the Metro North, swiped from my friend’s Facebook.  Thanks Fallon!

Creepy Subway Baby

This bug-eyed spawn was spotted on the J train a few months ago by yours truly.  I suppose this is further proof of the only thing I learned in kindergarten—that plastic googly eyes make everything (even Transit Museum ads) more fun!  A few weeks later I saw the same eyes over a different ad (they switched the ad and hadn’t removed the eyes from the plastic cover).  I hope one day we meet again.

Call for Submissions

One of the many features we have planned for the Subway Art Blog requires input from YOU.  Yes, I’m looking at (okay, typing to) every single one of you who has a camera phone and rides the subway.  Interesting stuff is happening 24/7 in the underground and it’s up to all of us to capture it and share!  Take this gem to the left for example.  Laura spotted this one on the J train on a Con Edison ad.  I figured this would be timely, as we release this very fruity website.

Please send us your interesting, funny and crazy subway photos for the “Rider Report” feature of the Subway Art Blog.  Be sure to include the train line or stop where it was taken, the day, a short caption and your name/handle if you want credit.  E-mail or photo message your photos to