Fantasy Subway Lines Print by Jay Shells



From the man who brought you awesome projects like Subway Etiquette and Rap Quotes, comes this really nifty print. Jay Shells’ latest is an eleven-color screen print that includes all of the letters that are not currently used in subway lines.

The print, entitled “Fantasy Lines,” is available directly from the artist in a limited edition of 20.

Jay Shells Strikes Back

Subway artist Jay Shells, well known for his etiquette campaign, is back with a brand new signage project. This time around he is tackling a much more sensitive topic: the NYPD. Jay shells out a steaming hot tray of irony, replacing images on Transit Police recruitment ads with terribly embarrassing photos of officers caught by cell phones, etc. The image above, for example, came from a video that made rounds recently of an officer body slamming a teen who had allegedly not paid his fare.

Check out the gallery below for more and let us know if you spot any underground!