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Podcast – RAD Interview

The man we have been calling “Blockhead” has a name—it’s RAD. We sat down with him for an interview and grilled him about the lego heads he has been posting on ads in the subway.


For tons of photos of RAD’s work, check out his site: Raddington Falls.

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Block Head Strikes Back

Here are a few of the latest works we’ve seen by the subway artist we call Block Head.

Photos by Halston Bruce.

Block Head

I originally thought these lego man heads were taken from other ads, but it has become clear that they are coming from somewhere else. It’s not clear whether they are being put there by some guerilla marketer or some street artist, but for now I will dub them Block Head. If someone knows something more about this, please contact me!

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Yet Another Lego Crossover Video Game

Rockettes Legos

Lego Star Wars, Lego Indiana Jones, Lego Harry Potter, Lego Rock Band and now this? Nothing is safe from the plastic block virus.

Halston rocks.

Lego/Resident Evil Crossover

Resident Evil Lego

It is pretty amazing how frequently I find content for Subway Art Blog in the places I least expect. This one is from my favorite video game blog, Kotaku, and it happens to be extremely appropriate for this holiday weekend. Happy Halloween!

[Kotaku.com – Resident Evil, Defaced With Lego]