Underbelly Project Gets a Book

If  you are not yet familiar with the underground subway art “Underbelly Project,” you should check out this New York Times article.

If you are familiar with the project (and you are a big fan like myself) you will be excited to hear that the organizers, Workhorse and PAC, are putting together a book.

Since the existence of the project had been announced publicly in the Times article, the NYPD has arrested people who tried to find the entrance to the abandoned station and those who made it inside have reported that the work had been defaced. Luckily, the art was well-documented before the project was publicized and the organizers have an extensive collection of photos and videos.

Over 100 street artists from around the world were involved; several of them Subway Art Blog veterans, including: Posterchild, Jason Eppink and CASH4.

We Own the Night: The Art of the Underbelly Project is expected to be 240 pages and is set for release on February 7th, 2012.

Pre-orders are available now on Amazon.com.

Subway Art… Proposal?

Posterchild Proposal

Congratulations to Posterchild and his new fiancee! He proposed to her by surprising her with this street art installation. From Blade Diary:

She thought she was just helping me out with another street art project; I kept this covered until after it was installed and after the unveiling I was expecting some kind of reaction- but it took a little while to convince her that this was a proposal for real, and not just some art project!

Don’t worry, she said yes!

Check out the video and more photos here.

New York Sunsets

Posterchild - New York Sunsets

Introducing Posterchild, a Toronto-based artist perhaps best known for his Mario Blocks street art project. In his latest work, called New York Sunsets, he posts cityscape silhouettes over several video billboards found on subway station entrances. Many more Sunsets can be found on his blog, Blade Diary or watch a video of the installations after the jump.

[Blade Diary – New York Sunsets]

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