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Miami Art Basel 2011 – John Gagliano, “Sold My Soul for a G Train”

While roaming the streets of Wynwood in Miami, I found some fun subway art in a very unlikely place: an ice cream truck. One gallery took the less expensive route by selling art out of the back of this vehicle (seen below).

John Gagliano is the artist behind this very epic painting called “Sold My Soul for a G Train.” If only waiting for the G were actually this interesting.



Fun with Wet Paint Signs: Miami Edition

It appears as though some awesome person brought NYC subway wet paint signs to Miami to create some fun anagrams. The number of New Yorkers and New York inspired art here is uncanny!


Miami Art Basel 2011 – Leandro Erlich, “Global Express”

I found this awesome video piece by Leandro Erlich on the showroom floor at Art Basel. The video is a loop of views outside subway car windows from all over the world. Each clip is stitched together to look like one seamless trip. Even cooler is that the LCD TV is made to look like the window of a subway car, completing the experience.

Check out Leandro’s official site.

Miami Art Basel 2011 – Breaking and Entering

Graffiti writers 2ESAE and SKI of UR New York showed new work at their own show called “Breaking and Entering” in Wynwood, Miami this weekend.

In one series that was being displayed, the artists appropriated traffic signs and other city signage as their canvases. One of these works, called “Good Ole Days,” utilized a sign from the M train. Another series in the show was a collection of model vehicles painted by the duo. One of these was a yellow service subway car with old school fill-in bubble letter tags.

The subway seems to be a common topic in the work of many artists showing in Miami. Graffiti writers especially have a connection with the subway because the modern graffiti movement was born on the trains. It’s pretty amazing that the system continues to inspire so much art.

Check out UR New York’s site for more!




Miami Art Basel 2011 – Photos from Underbelly Miami

Outside the gallery in Wynwood, Miami

Last night was the Underbelly Project’s book prerelease party at the group’s exhibition in Miami. Several Underbelly artists where on hand to sign early special edition copies of We Own The Night, a compendium of photos and stories involving the original underground gallery in New York City. The special edition comes with a laser etched wooden book case and nine unreleased photographic prints.

Underbelly Miami is a must-see for street art fans who flocked into town for Art Basel. For those of you who could not make it, check back soon for a video walkthrough of the show and a book review!

Logan Hicks


Lady Aiko

Lady Aiko




Outer Borough: Portraits of New York City

Join us this Friday at the 17 Frost gallery to check out the latest by Cassius Fouler. From quarter-waters to redbirds, the artist’s paintings capture New York City from a perspective few artists have successfully: the Outer Boroughs.

Do not miss this one!


Nina Boesch’s MetroCard Exhibition

Nina Boesch creates some of the most detailed, boldest MetroCard art I have seen. She is showing her work today through August 5th at Minibar in Brooklyn. Join us for the opening reception tonight!

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Os Gemeos’ Mini MOCA Subway Car

Street art duo Os Gemeos were tasked with painting the ticket booth for MOCA’s Art in the Streets exhibition a couple weeks ago. After painting the booth, they decided to take their mission a step further and build a miniature subway car sculpture to place on top of it.

Martha Cooper of 12ozProphet and Subway Art fame documented the construction of this piece on her blog.

Well known subway writer REAS painted one side of it.

And famed graffiti writer and Subway Art veteran Blade was also on hand to paint a piece on the other side of the car.

All photos by Martha Cooper. Check out the rest of her photos from MOCA on 12ozProphet.