Going UR Way

SKI and 2ESAE of UR New York have kicked off a sweet new subway project. “Going UR Way” involves custom black vinyl stickers created by the artistic duo. Each one is cut to form the silhouette of a figure and then placed on the surfaces of subway cars, each which interact with their environment very playfully.

2ESAE described the project to me:

We’re trying to make our mark in the public spaces even if its a small statement. As opposed to the tradition of just dripping or scratching our names into shit we found a cleaner, less invasive technique with the hopes they get to ride and reach more of an audience. We chose everyday imagery that people can relate to which is inviting and invokes thought. The message is simple: “Be Who You Are”, which in a way we are subliminally putting out there.

I’ve been told to keep an eye out for more of these soon. Send in your photos if you catch them in the wild!

3 Train

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Subway Inspired Art at UR New York’s Cause & Effect Popup

The guys at UR New York have outdone themselves once again.  With their new exhibition, Cause & Effect, 2ESAE and SKI are taking on the roll of curators for the first time. Over 20 artists are in the show, including many big names in graffiti and street art like COPE2, Sofia Maldonado, BISHOP 203 and more.

Several of the pieces in the show reference the subway in various ways. One of my favorites is entitled “Talking Trash” by KA. At first glance the piece looked like some sort of digital print based on a subway ad. Upon closer observation, I realized it an actual copy of the ad, but refined with paint, stickers and more. The piece does a wonderful job paying homage to the stickering that goes on in subway stations.

Cause & Effect has been extended to August 22. Keep an eye on Graff Cal for an announcement about the closing party.

UR New York’s Own Art Cards

Have you ever been annoyed by how boring the MTA’s ‘art cards’ are? (those long art posters inside the newer subway cars) I certainly have. Graffiti writers turned art collective UR New York have made it their mission to make some art cards that are more reflective of the city the are supposed to represent.

UR went to the MTA first—they approached the Arts For Transit program to submit work—but were turned down. “They were kind of one sided and only really giving older established artists shine and weren’t open to new ideas, so we figured we’d take back the public space adding our own twist,” said one of the artists involved.

It’s safe to assume that Arts For Transit shrugged this work off because of the graffiti influence. It’s a shame though, because UR’s art seems to portray the city’s grittiness better than any of the art picked for the official cards. On the bright side, now that their focus is no longer on the Miami exhibition, UR plans on designing and placing even more of these.

UR New York is showing work (along with several other subway artists) in an exhibition called “Rather Unique” at the Woodward Gallery. Come check out the opening on Saturday!

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Miami Art Basel 2011 – Breaking and Entering

Graffiti writers 2ESAE and SKI of UR New York showed new work at their own show called “Breaking and Entering” in Wynwood, Miami this weekend.

In one series that was being displayed, the artists appropriated traffic signs and other city signage as their canvases. One of these works, called “Good Ole Days,” utilized a sign from the M train. Another series in the show was a collection of model vehicles painted by the duo. One of these was a yellow service subway car with old school fill-in bubble letter tags.

The subway seems to be a common topic in the work of many artists showing in Miami. Graffiti writers especially have a connection with the subway because the modern graffiti movement was born on the trains. It’s pretty amazing that the system continues to inspire so much art.

Check out UR New York’s site for more!