This Week in Instagram (catch up post)

by @veryfresh


Installation in a Subway Entrance by Rae by @luna_park_nyc


NEMZ DEVI by @we_da_stars


by @s2thewhy


@ou33 in the subway by @vandalog


G train; car 5153 (photo: @classicb23) by @jillyballistic

AV ONE #destroyrebuild by @freshpaintnyc


Abandoned LIR Floor Roller. by @acityofchildren


After a short commercial break… by @bullsuit


Central Ave M Line ^____^ #acityofchildren by @acityofchildren


SY by @veryfresh


@chrisrwk mapping it out! #chrisrwk #rwk #robotswillkill by @robotswillkill


SubCulture 1 by @dripcity


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