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This Week in Instagram (catch up post)

by @veryfresh


Installation in a Subway Entrance by Rae by @luna_park_nyc


NEMZ DEVI by @we_da_stars


by @s2thewhy


@ou33 in the subway by @vandalog


G train; car 5153 (photo: @classicb23) by @jillyballistic

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Photo Essay: A City of Children

A City of Children, subway art’s rookie of the year, has only been active a few months. In this short time, he has become one of the most recognizable street artists in New York City. Focusing mainly on the subway, his unconventional tag has gained the attention of many commuters.

I’ve been photographing his work since it started springing up earlier this summer and have put together a collection of his subway work. Check it out below!