Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition

We’ve mentioned Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant’s Subway Art book a number of times here on The Subway Art Blog.  This year marks the 25th anniversary of the initial publication.  To commemorate this, Chronicle Books is releasing a 25th Anniversary Edition of the book.  The new release features 70 new photos, updated text and a larger size.  We highly recommend this book for the Graffiti lover in your life.

[Subway Art: 25th Anniversary Edition – Amazon]

Take Action Against the Fare Hike

All joking aside, we subway riders will be pretty screwed if the fare hikes and service cuts really do happen.  Single rides are set to jump to $2.50 and monthly cards to $103 a month.  LIRR and Metro-North will see 25% fare hikes.  This is all on top of two subway and 35 bus line eliminations, not to mention service reduction on many of the surviving lines.

The state senate is now kicking around proposals to bail out the MTA and save us commuters who these changes will affect most, but they are dragging their feet.  With all the giant bailouts going on, it will be a relief to hear about one that will help average citizens and not giant, greedy corporations.

There is something you can do to help with this effort.  The Working Families Party has set up to encourage us to contact our legislators and demand that they support a fair, comprehensive plan to save New York’s transit riders.  On the site is a pre-written letter you can submit.  Take action now, before it’s too late!


Live Music on 1 Train Tonight

Here is your chance to be part of one of those cool subway events that appear on YouTube from time to time. SleepWhenDead NYC is throwing their 4th Subway Show, a musical event that takes place on a subway car!

Three groups are set to perform on the 1 train from South Ferry Station.  People are meeting up at the end of the platform at 5PM sharp.  The lineup includes The Eskalators, Graffiti Monsters and The Mighty Handful. Check out this link for all the details.

[SleepWhenDead NYC – Subway Show]

Retro Subway Maps

There is something about the subway that seeps into our collective subconscious as New Yorkers.  It is a part of us, therefore its history fascinates many of us.  One piece of subway history I find interesting is the subway map and its evolution over the 100 years it has been around. has an extensive collection of historical subway maps, some of which can be seen above.  For the entire collection follow the link below.

[ – Historical Maps]