New York Sunsets

Posterchild - New York Sunsets

Introducing Posterchild, a Toronto-based artist perhaps best known for his Mario Blocks street art project. In his latest work, called New York Sunsets, he posts cityscape silhouettes over several video billboards found on subway station entrances. Many more Sunsets can be found on his blog, Blade Diary or watch a video of the installations after the jump.

[Blade Diary – New York Sunsets]

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Grace Baley, Mosaic Artist

Coney Island

Grace Baley draws the inspiration for her stunning mosaics primarily from New York’s  underground. The subway is evoked in both the subject and format of her work. From her site:

When my daily commute brought me past many of the stops along the R train it afforded me the opportunity to closely examine the beautiful mosaics that grace our subway stations. I was attracted to the bright colors, the incredible detail and the way they told their story. Before long, I knew I had to find a way to transfer my own ideas and designs into a mosaic.

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Sights of Sound – The Photography of Kate Lord


When visual journalist, Kate Lord moved to New York in February, she was immediately intrigued by the musicians of the city’s transit system. “People just don’t burst into song in a crowded place in Charlotte, North Carolina,” she said of her hometown. Featured in this post are several photos from her ongoing project on subway musicians. The image above is of Marques Toliver, one of Kate’s favorite underground musicians. Press play below to listen to one of his songs, Sights and Sounds of the City as you enjoy the sight of Kate’s amazing photographs.

Sights and Sounds of the City by Marques Toliver

[Kate Lord’s Photo Blog]

[Marques Toliver’s My Space]