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Shooting the Tunnels

Sean V: Underground Photographer from Carl Weston on Vimeo.

With all the buzz about the Underbelly Project recently, it seems like the perfect time to post this video from 2008 about photographer Sean V. Sean traverses the underground and documents graffiti and the lifeless void of the tunnels. Disclaimer: if you watch this before you go to sleep you may have some crazy dreams.

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Weekend Abstraction – Cable News

This one has a little story behind it.

NY1, a cable news channel here in New York, ran a piece on found art in the subway. For the story they interviewed Maureen Cooter about her subway tile paintings, Jen and Alli at Why Are You on My Train? about their videos and myself about the abstractions I find underground.

The last shot in the video is of me taking the photo above inside the 23rd street station. You can watch this and what little of our interviews did not hit the cutting room floor on NY1’s website here: NY1 – Subway Art Hard to Miss, Easy to Uncover.

Subway Music: iPhone Style

A band called Atomic Tom performing their song called “Take Me Out” live in the subway… with iPhones! I think Apple should make this their next TV commercial.

via NY Times Bits

Meyhem Lauren – ‘Got The Fever’

Graffiti and Hip Hop are supposed to go hand in hand, but it’s actually quite rare to see a direct relation between these two cultures; the music video above by Meyhem Lauren is atypical in this respect. The song’s lyrics and the stunning visuals give a wonderful insight into the world of graffiti writing. Watch it now!

Guest City: Paris – Princess Hijab

Princess Hijab is a Parisian street artist who is well known for drawing burqas over ads in the subway system. Her work is especially significant now that the French senate approved a ban on burqas in public. Watch Hijab in action in the video above!

Improv Everywhere’s Star Wars Subway Car

The geniuses at Improv Everywhere are at it again! This time around they took over a subway car and essentially reenacted some of the first scenes in the original Star Wars—storm troopers and all. Check out the full report on their site,

All Aboard the Nostalgia Train!

The Vintage Tea Party was a success! Enjoy some photos courtesy Laura Yan. See more of Laura’s photos here and check out MetroMix’s gallery by Sam Horine.

Subway Air Creatures

This isn’t new, but definitely worth checking out. In 2008, street artist Joshua Allen Harris created several subway air creatures out of tape and plastic bags. Here is a video interview from New York Magazine.

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New York Sunsets

Posterchild - New York Sunsets

Introducing Posterchild, a Toronto-based artist perhaps best known for his Mario Blocks street art project. In his latest work, called New York Sunsets, he posts cityscape silhouettes over several video billboards found on subway station entrances. Many more Sunsets can be found on his blog, Blade Diary or watch a video of the installations after the jump.

[Blade Diary – New York Sunsets]

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NYC Subway Stars in Coca Cola Ad

So there I am sitting in the movie theater last weekend to see Where the Wild Things Are and lo and behold, this Coca Cola ad comes on featuring what is clearly the New York City subway. If you look closely at the background, it appears they are using some retro subway map.

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No Service on the Downtown Side

Oopsies.  She’s not even from Manhattan.

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