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Undercity by Andrew Wonder

UNDERCITY from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo.

If you daydream about wandering through tunnels, sewers, subway stations, or other structures forgotten by time, this video is for you. Urban explorer Steve Duncan leads us (and filmmaker Andrew Wonder) on a tour of New York City’s subconscious. The old City Hall station, the Canal Street sewer and the top of the Williamsburgh Bridge are just a few of the locations explored in the film. Strap on your headlamps and get out your crowbars—you are in for the adventure of a lifetime.

No Pants 2k11

NYC got a much needed pick-me-up yesterday with the 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride, organized by our friends at Improv Everywhere. Several groups of pantless pranksters rode various subway lines and converged at Union Square Park.

The Pro-Pants Alliance was back once again to administer free pants tests, distribute pamphlets and even give out pairs of pants in hopes of converting the pantless to the warm side.

There was a blast of energy running through the city last night. A bit of goofy fun is just what we needed after going stir crazy these past few weeks with the snow and cold weather.

The Xylopholks jammed out underground amidst the chaos.

Fireworks Show on the Q Line

Snowpocalypse isn’t all that bad. Check out the free fireworks show the folks that live along the Q train got!

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Shooting the Tunnels

Sean V: Underground Photographer from Carl Weston on Vimeo.

With all the buzz about the Underbelly Project recently, it seems like the perfect time to post this video from 2008 about photographer Sean V. Sean traverses the underground and documents graffiti and the lifeless void of the tunnels. Disclaimer: if you watch this before you go to sleep you may have some crazy dreams.

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Weekend Abstraction – Cable News

This one has a little story behind it.

NY1, a cable news channel here in New York, ran a piece on found art in the subway. For the story they interviewed Maureen Cooter about her subway tile paintings, Jen and Alli at Why Are You on My Train? about their videos and myself about the abstractions I find underground.

The last shot in the video is of me taking the photo above inside the 23rd street station. You can watch this and what little of our interviews did not hit the cutting room floor on NY1′s website here: NY1 – Subway Art Hard to Miss, Easy to Uncover.

Subway Music: iPhone Style

A band called Atomic Tom performing their song called “Take Me Out” live in the subway… with iPhones! I think Apple should make this their next TV commercial.

via NY Times Bits

Meyhem Lauren – ‘Got The Fever’

Graffiti and Hip Hop are supposed to go hand in hand, but it’s actually quite rare to see a direct relation between these two cultures; the music video above by Meyhem Lauren is atypical in this respect. The song’s lyrics and the stunning visuals give a wonderful insight into the world of graffiti writing. Watch it now!

Guest City: Paris – Princess Hijab

Princess Hijab is a Parisian street artist who is well known for drawing burqas over ads in the subway system. Her work is especially significant now that the French senate approved a ban on burqas in public. Watch Hijab in action in the video above!