Poster Boy Graces the Pages of New York

Poster Boy in New York Magazine

Infamous subway artist Poster Boy is featured in the current issue of New York Magazine.  The article follows the anonymous vandal as he tears down and remixes posters at the 23rd Street C/E station.

The defacing of posters doesn’t sound particularly lofty, but Poster Boy—who, for obvious reasons, wishes to remain anonymous (vandalism is, after all, a crime)—has intentions that are surprisingly high-minded. The die-hard Fight Club fan hopes to start a decentralized art movement, one where anyone can claim to be Poster Boy. “No copyright, no authorship,” he says. “A social thing, as opposed to being an artist making things for bored rich people to hang above their couch.” That such a crusade might encourage vandalism doesn’t bother him. “Where I’m from, if you go by the book, it’s a very slow process to get what you want,” he says.”

¡Viva Poster Boy! In the words of (then Supreme Chancellor) Palpatine, we will be watching his career with great interest. Check out the New York Magazine site for more:

[Poster Boy Turns Subway Ads Into Political Art – New York Magazine]