Unlikely Subway Maps


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there were subway systems everywhere…even the ‘burbs? The designers over at Rob & Damia have an interesting project that gives a little peek into what these subway systems might be like. Transit Authority Figures is a collection of designs for faux subway systems on Fire Island, the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard and several more locations. The t-shirts and posters on the site make great gifts for people that live in these places, or you can just use them to mess with tourists. Make the jump to check out some more of their work. Thanks Rob! Continue reading “Unlikely Subway Maps”

Interactive Ridership Map 1905-2006

Have you ever wondered when a specific subway station or line was built or how the subway system evolved over time?  If so you must check out this interactive subway ridership map.  You can drag the slider along the timeline to see which stations are active and what their ridership was for any year from 1905-2006.  It is really fascinating to be able to watch the subway lines spring up right before your eyes.

[NYC Subway Ridership, 1905-2006]

Retro Subway Maps

There is something about the subway that seeps into our collective subconscious as New Yorkers.  It is a part of us, therefore its history fascinates many of us.  One piece of subway history I find interesting is the subway map and its evolution over the 100 years it has been around.  NYCSubway.org has an extensive collection of historical subway maps, some of which can be seen above.  For the entire collection follow the link below.

[NYCSubway.org – Historical Maps]