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Heeb’s Subway Map for Jews

The concept of a Jew-friendly subway map is pretty funny, but this one has some questionable omissions. Maybe SAB commenters can help out Heeb. What would you add or change?

Heeb via ANIMAL

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Hipster Friendly Subway Map

This hilarious hipster friendly subway map was posted by @FakeMTA. Check them out on Twitter now!

I Heart New York

The Korean design duo over at Zero Per Zero created this lovely heart-shaped New York City subway map. It’s is an interesting reference to Milton Glaser’s iconic ‘I Love New York’ design. If you know Korean, you can buy one from their website; it would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your lover (and while you are there get one for me too, please). Happy Valentine’s Day!

Update: According to newyorkshitty.com, Zero Per Zero is in the process of finding a distributor to sell these in the US!

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Dharma Rapid Transit Lost Subway Map

If the Dharma Initiative had lasted a bit longer on the island from ABC’s Lost, perhaps they would have built a transportation system like this one. This subway map, made by John Cabrera, features many of the key locations and events from seasons one through five. If you are a huge Lost fan like myself, you probably already know about the season premiere this Tuesday on ABC. If you are not a huge Lost fan, this is for you.

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‘NYC Condom’ Has a New Meaning

Map Condom

In an effort to increase safety ratings, the MTA announced they would be containing the phallus that is New York in condoms on subway maps across the transit system.

Thanks Jaci!

Subway Map Phallus Redux


I suppose the person who made this wasn’t the only one whose mind is stuck in the gutter. If you are fascinated by this sort of thing, check out our friends over at You Can Has PEN15.

Thanks Jaci!

Unlikely Subway Maps


Have you ever wondered what it would be like if there were subway systems everywhere…even the ‘burbs? The designers over at Rob & Damia have an interesting project that gives a little peek into what these subway systems might be like. Transit Authority Figures is a collection of designs for faux subway systems on Fire Island, the Hamptons, Martha’s Vineyard and several more locations. The t-shirts and posters on the site make great gifts for people that live in these places, or you can just use them to mess with tourists. Make the jump to check out some more of their work. Thanks Rob! more »

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The Underground has Class

Mr. Class and his work

We ran into subway artist Edwin Class on the L platform at Union Square. Armed with a can as his brush and the subway map as his canvas, Mr. Class created a series of stencil/graffiti illustrations, which he was displaying underground.

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