Art Basel Miami 2011 – Cope2’s Rise to the Occasion

NYC graffiti king COPE2 also showed paintings during Art Basel in Miami at his solo show called “Rise to the Occasion.” In many ways his work was similar to UR New York’s—a mix of collage, painting and tagging. COPE also references the subway in his work with subway cars and wet paint signs.

Check out COPE’s site for more!

Map Quest Exhibition on Dirty Pilot

Online art exhibition website Dirty Pilot has a new show up called “Map Quest.” It features subway maps painted by legendary writers like the ones above by COPE2 (left) and GHOST (right). The pieces in the show are available for purchase on the site. It will only be up until November 7th, so check it out while you can; there is some excellent work.

Subway Writer Cope2 Arrested

The New York Daily News reports that Cope2, a well-known graffiti writer from the South Bronx was arrested last week for tagging a train on September 11, 2009. The cops said the arrest happened now because they were waiting for him to return from travels abroad. He was charged with two counts of felony mischief and one of making graffiti. Check out the original article for details.