MetroCard Collages by Nina Boesch

How many things could you possibly do with a 2 inch x 3.25 inch piece of plastic that has a single intended purpose? This a question I ask myself over and over while performing research for Subway Art blog. Of course I am talking about about the ubiquitous MetroCard. Just when I think I have seen everything that could be done with them, an artist like Nina Boesch hits one right out of the ballpark of my imagination.

Nina is a Manhattan-based graphic designer and artist. When she is not arranging pixels on the computer screen, she is arranging physical pixels made out of chopped up MetroCards and turning them into the mosaic-like collages you see in this post.

Nina started making these collages 10 years ago, initially as gifts for friends and family, but more recently has created them for gallery exhibitions and art fairs. She also accepts commissions for custom collages on her website. The site even includes an interactive feature to generate a MetroCard collage of yourself. Just upload a photo!

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Want to see more? Check out Nina’s website, MetroCard Yourself!

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