This Year’s MTA Art Cards

You may have noticed something strange and unusual on your commute this morning. The MTA has started rolling out its annual Arts For Transit “art cards.” This year’s themes seem to be submarines and crazy fish/bird/lizard creatures, which are a step up from last year’s domestic violence theme.

Duke Riley

Duke Riley’s submarines are actually pretty cool; there is a lot going on and you will probably spot new things every time you look at it. The problem is that the piece is too busy for the space it is in. It becomes a gray blur when you are any further than two feet away. The people sitting across from it will not be able to enjoy it, but maybe that is what he was going for. Still, I don’t think this will be something I want to look at every day for a year.

Takayo Noda


Is this supposed to be some sort of metaphor for diversity or is the artist depicting what humans will look like after being mutated from radiation poisoning? At least you will be able to see this one from the seat across from it.

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