Beauty in Decay

Does anyone else stare at the layers of rust and decay on subway walls and think, “Wow. That is art!”? I’m happy to say there is at least one other.

Maureen Cooter‘s subway-inspired paintings have graced the pages of Subway Art Blog before, and in her last few years studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, her work has only gotten bolder and stronger.

The work above, titled “The Intrigue of Degradation,” is Cooter’s thesis project. You can go check it out for yourself at FIT‘s senior show through May 24th.

Subway Tile Paintings by Maureen Cooter

You can find beauty in the most unlikely places if you keep your eyes open wide enough.

Art student Maureen Cooter was inspired by the layers of rust and decay on the tiles found in the subway and produced a series of paintings based on them.

“I began to photograph, print and sketch these walls because I found the decay strangely beautiful. The sections create patterns of rust and decay working within a grid. The different shades of grime randomly scattered across these grids create fascinating compositions.”

As her subway series continues, Maureen says she will integrate more mixed media into the paintings. We are very interested to see how this project evolves!