Flashback Friday – Red Grooms

Red Grooms, walk-through subway (detail) from “Ruckus Manhattan,” 1975

Look closely at this photo. Do you see it? That’s a woman in the background. In photos, Red Groom’s work may look like shoebox-sized dioramas, but they are actually life-sized walk-in sculptures. In 1975 Groom held a hugely popular exhibition called “Ruckus Manhattan” which included this piece.

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Flashback Friday: John Conn

Throughout the Subway’s history there have photographers whose work incomparably embodies the spirit of New York City at a given time. One such photographer was John Conn.

While working as a freelance photographer in the late 1970s Conn captured a unique part of New York’s history. His iconic black and white photos depict an underground covered in graffiti and plagued by crime. Because of their artistic and historic significance, the series has become part of the permanent collection of the Museum of the City of New York.