They Walk Among Us

These sinister stickers from 6th Avenue station seem to suggest that actors, accountants and even journalists are not human. It’s either a warning message sent back in time by John Connor . . . or some talented sticker-making satirists.

The proportionality of the cyborg eye vis-a-vis Jason Sudeikis’s face is a particularly nice touch.

The suggestion that newscasters are secretly cyborgs is unsettlingly credible.

This sticker was discovered on the L line. It’s particularly appropriate for tax season, when all of us feel at the mercy of some inhuman machine . . .

If anyone knows anything about these clever little stickers, please get in touch with us!

Photos by Charles Reinhardt.

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  1. Casey says:
    I am a college senior in the Industrial Design Dep. of Kendall College. I am looking to gather information from mass transit users. If you would take your time to fill out this short survey it would help me greatly in producing a comprehensive project.