Poster Boy No Longer in Custody?

According to an automated e-mail from the NYC Department of Corrections, Poster Boy is “no longer in custody.”  It’s not yet completely clear what this means, but Gothamist reported on Tuesday about the possibility of Matyjewicz being released on bail and Mark Batty, Poster Boy’s book publisher, had said on Monday that he would be out within days.

Here is the e-mail:

Since his arrest, a “Free Poster Boy” movement has been started. A Facebook group was created for the cause and attracted over 1,400 members as of Thursday night.

A seemingly unrelated group of Poster Boy supporters has utilized Banksy’s latest work to get their message out. Several of Banksy’s new NYC pieces had been tagged to say “FREE HENRY! -POSTER BOY.” Gothamist has compiled a gallery of all the defaced defacements. These were presumably added by other members of the Poster Boy movement. Ironically, Poster Boy actually appears in the opening sequence of Banksy’s recent documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop.

We are still waiting on an official statement from Poster Boy’s camp on his release.